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The Emory Climate Analysis and Solutions Team (ECAST) provides a forum for students from across Emory University to conduct climate-related analysis and advance climate solutions. ECAST is an initiative of Climate@Emory, a university-wide effort launched in 2014 to advance climate scholarship, teaching, and policy engagement.

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Core Functions

  1. Connections. ECAST connects disciplines, networks, and individuals by serving as a platform for discussion of work that students are doing within existing groups, within classes, or independently.

  2. Collaboration. ECAST amplifies ongoing or proposed work by maximizing synergies among groups and projects, reducing duplication of effort, and enabling recruitment of additional team members to help with projects.

  3. Constructive Conversations. ECAST provides members with a space to get useful feedback and gain experience communicating their research and service.

  4. Continuity. ECAST enables short-term projects (e.g. a class project or honors thesis) to “live on” by providing a mechanism for other students to pick it up and carry it further.

  5. Coordination. ECAST creates a knowledge management system for sharing information on ongoing and potential projects and relevant data sources.

  6. Consultancy. ECAST helps connect Emory students with clients on- and off-campus that are looking for support to analyze and solve climate-related problems.